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Start-Up and Commissioning


Start Engineering JSCo - Starting-up and adjustment works

Part of the company’s management policy, which guarantees the high quality of execution and the complete execution of sites on part “Electrical”,is the full closing of the engineering cycle, including: design, construction, delivery, installation of facilities, starting-up tests and commissioning works, warranty and after warranty service provision.. For the purpose of applying this policy, an Inspection Body of the Type “C”has been created to “Start Engineering”, JSC, accreddited according to БДС EN ISO / IEC 17020:2012 by EA “BAS”.

The company has electrical laboratory for finding and repairing faults on cables, facilities and personal protective equipment for LV and MV, and there is a team of specialists for emergency situations to this laboratory for localizing and fixing the failures and, as well as specialists for adjustment of control circuits and relay protections,instrumentation and control devices and automatics, construction of lightning protection and protection systems, construction of low voltage and medium voltage overhead transmission lines. The organization also has installation teams for executing building and installation works during the construction of transformer stations, construction of substations and electrical gears, as well as instrumentation specialists.

Our teams will perform:

  1. Inspection of the quality of installation and its correspondence to the design documentation;
  2. Inspection and control of all components and assessment of the compliance;
  3. Functional tests;
  4. Commissioning and 72 hours tests under load;
  5. Preparation of handing over protocol and certificate for the conducted measurements;
  6. Preparation of as-built documentation.

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