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Branch Plovdiv

The basic trend of the activity of “Start Engineering” JSC, branch Plovdiv is the execution of electrical installation and starting-up and adjustment works.

In the field of electrical installation activities branch Plovdiv performs installation, repair and maintenance of lighting and power electrical systems and electric panels, installation of protective earthing systems, connecting of machines and facilities to neutral conductor, installation and repair activities of the systems for cathode protection, construction of cable pipework and cable routes, etc. Branch Plovdiv performs replacement of MV circuit breakers and disconnectors. The activity of this replacement includes dismantling, design, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning.

In the field of the starting-up and adjustment works, part Electrical, branch Plovdiv performs control measurements of the systems for cathode protection from corrosion of the steel pipelines and reservoirs; prophylactic tests of substations and transformer stations, on part I&C and Automation it performs checking of gas detectors; checking of relay protections and accumulator gears; checking and adjustment of electronic relays in photovoltaic systems; checking of sensors for flow measurement, pressure or level; testing of temperature converter; checking of secondary measuring device for temperature, pressure or level, checking of interlocks and protections of steam boilers.

“Start Engineering” JSC, branch Plovdiv performs electrical installation and starting-up and adjustment activities, I&C and Automation of pumping stations.

An Inspection Body of the Type C – Plovdiv at “Start Engineering” JSC was created in 2008, accredited by Executive Agency “Bulgarian Accreditation Service” in 2010 with certificate, reg. № 310 ОКС for performing control and estimation of the compliance of electrical gears and facilities up to and above 1000V. The control system has been developed according to the requirements of БДС EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

In the course of performing the inspection activities, the High management and the associates of the Inspection Body are guided by the principles of independence and objectivity, protecting the production and trade secrets of the client - A Declaration of the management for objectivity and independence.

The Inspection Body has:

  • technical means for measuring, property of “Start Engineering” JSC, with provided traceability to national and international standards;
  • competent technical personnel, on a permanent work contract, having the relevant qualification, training and professional experience for performance of the different kinds of inspection and estimation of the compliance, according to the standards in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

ACTIVITIES - Branch Plovdiv

  • Electrical installation activities
  • Starting-up and adjustment works and control measurements
  • Lighting and power electric systems and electric panels
  • Replacement of MV circuit breakers and disconnectors

Contact - Branch Plovdiv

4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1A Chernyshevsky Str.

Phone: +359 32 64 26 64

Fax: +359 32 64 29 02

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dipl.eng. V.Chikov

Contact - Inspection Body type C

4000 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1A Chernyshevsky Str.

Phone: +359 898 690 787

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dipl. eng. A. Dicheva