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Long-term partnership with leading companies

Start Engineering Ltd. has long-term partnerships with a number of leading engineering and manufacturing companies, both on the Bulgarian and international markets. With some of these partners, the company has concluded formal representation agreements. In this way, we are not only competitive, but we can offer the conditions and deployment of products from leading companies on the market.

Syscom Instruments SA

Bartec Syscom - Parner to Start Engineering JSCo

"Start Engineering" JSCo, thanks to the successful installation of seismic monitoring systems at Tsankov Kamak and Plovdivts dams and the ongoing commissioning of Studena Dam became official representative of the Swiss company Syscom Instruments SA, Member of the Bartec Group (one of the world's leading equipment manufacturers in this particular sector) for Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.
The scope of our business includes supply, installation, configuring, commissioning and maintenance of all types of equipment at sites in extreme conditions and monitoring data of utmost importance.


  • • I&C – Contract with ABB - Germany for sales and service provision (in Bulgaria) of the full volume of instrumentation equipment, manufactured in the factories of ABB in Germany, Italy, England and the USA.
  • • Automation Systems - Long years of cooperation with ABB – Bulgaria for delivery of equipment (PLC, DCS) for projects and sites in Bulgaria. Contract with ABB – Austria for participation in design, development of Applicatioin Software, Starting up and adjustment works for projects in third countries.
  • • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) - Contract with ABB - Germany for sales, installation, implementation, service provision, consultant activity of the gas-analyzing systems and equipment, manufactured in the factories of ABB in Germany and the USA.

VALMET Automation

  • Automation Systems
    Contract with “METSO Automation” - Finland (signed in 2007 and updated in 2016 with VALMET Automation) for participation in design, development of Application Software, Starting-up and implementation Works.
    Successfully accomplished more than 27 projects, mainly in Europe in different branches such as Power, Cellulose paper industry and others.
  • Cooperation with the representation of VALMET Automation in Bulgaria for projects in the country.


Contract with DURAG Group - Germany for sales, implementation, service provision, consultant activity and others of:

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) - mainly for measurement of dust and flue gas flow measurement;
  • Thermographic cameras - mainly for applications in TPPs, cement industry, refineries and others.
  • Emission calculators - specialized systems for data processing for emission monitoring;
  • Equipment for combustion automation - flame sensors, control units, ignition systems and others.
  • • Systems for burning of exhaust gasses in refineries, treatment plants and others.

Compressor Control Corporation (CCC)

Partners agreement for engineering services – hardware/software/systems and products of CCC (including improvements, upgrading, delivery of spare parts, maintenance and others) for the territory of Bulgaria.
Control of turbine machines – delivery and implementation

Buhler Technologies

Contract with Buhler Technologies for official representation on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Long years of cooperation with leading companies (SIEMENS, ALSTOM Power, FESTO Bulgaria, YOKOGAWA, AKHNATON, V&V ISOMATIC and others) for different projects, offers, etc.